Psychic Medium & Master Teacher

Helping you channel your full potential

Hi, I’m DeEtte! I am a certified Psychic Medium and Medical intuitive and Master teacher of psychic development.

My Story

DeEtte is a certified Psychic Medium and Master Teacher of Psychic Mediumship Development.
She knew from a young age that she was gifted; she always seemed to know things that others did not. 


As she got older she found a passion in helping others, wanting to aid in their healing. She went to school for nursing and then on to becoming a Reiki master-teacher. She spent part of her adolescence and adult life learning all she could on subjects of spirit and communication with loved ones who had passed.


She has studied under certified Medium Lisa Williams, becoming a certified psychic medium under her. Through her studies she found her path, to help others to heal.  DeEtte uses her gifts to help others heal mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.  She uses her gifts as a medical intuitive to connect with you and bring spirit forth – healing comes in messages from your loved ones, guides, and the loving energy of the universe, always trusting what she gets and giving it with love…

My Values & Beliefs


DeEtte does not tell you nessasaraly what you want to hear, but need to hear.  She is honest with her readings and will share all information that comes through to her.

Trustworthy & Confidential

Readings are sensitive and life changing!  DeEtte will not share nor sell your information, so you can trust her with your deepest questions and insight. 


Plain and simple, DeEtte will be there for you!   She is very prompt with her appointments and classes, so you don’t have to worry!

My Approach

DeEtte never knows where spirit will take the reading. Each persons reading is designed personally for them by spirit, based on what they need to know for healing and growth. At the end of the reading she asks if there are any questions that you may have for spirit. 

She asks that you refrain from giving more then yes/no answers or asking questions until the end of the reading.

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