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Psychic Readings

DeEtte is a certified psychic medium through LWISSD school of metaphysics

Master Teacher

Develop your intuition with DeEtte’s multiple course levels!

Psychic Readings

These are one on one or can be done remotely

Mediumship Readings

DeEtte can connect you with a past love one for a life changing experience

Medical Readings

DeEtte is also a medical intuitive and can help find what ails you.

Development Courses

DeEtte has a variety of courses for both beginner and advanced students

What Is a Psychic?

A psychic is someone that connects to the person that is being read for. They are able to feel the energies of a person or object and are able to obtain knowledge of the persons past, present, and future. Everyone is psychic to some degree.

Who Is a Medium?

​A medium is someone that is able to raise their vibration and communicate with those that have passed over, serving as a conduit between the physical and spiritually worlds. They hear, see, and feel spirit. And relay their messages to their loved ones through the medium.

What is The Process Like?

​DeEtte first connects to you on a medical intuitive level. She opens herself to you and feels what may be going on within you medically, mentally, emotionally, and/or spiritually. Once she has made the connection she allows spirit to come through. The messages can be of a psychic or spirit nature. It is common that both will occur.

1. Browse the website to find your chosen guidance

There are different types of readings and psychic development courses to choose from.  Just go with your intuition, that you know you have. 

2. Book your reading by selecting the time slot below

Below you will find a scheduler that is in direct contact with DeEtte.  Simply choose the length of the reading you wish and DeEtte will be in touch!

3. In person or remote readings and courses

DeEtte is available for one on one readings in the Wisconsin area, but also conducts them remotely via Zoom and Skype.  The courses are remote and sure to fit your schedule!

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Would you like a one-on-one reading with DeEtte?  Get the much-needed insight and guidance you are searching for, by booking now.  Spots are limited so act quickly! 

Coaching Packages

Beginner Psychic Development

Everyone is born psychic.. But not everyone knows how to develop those gifts. This is a class that will help you to open to the gifts that are naturally within you. 


Intermediate Mediumship 

Who is ready to chase their dream? In intermediate we delve deeper into the senses and build deeper connection of trust with energy and spirit. Develop your mediumship skills with guidance!


Advanced Psychic Development

 Pushing you out of your comfort zone to connect on a deeper level, learning different techniques to connect, learning to connect to energy, your guides, your own soul for a deeper connection. 


About Me

DeEtte Ranae is a certified Psychic Medium and Master Teacher of Psychic Mediumship Development.

She knew from a young age that she was gifted; she always seemed to know things that others did not. 

As she got older she found a passion in helping others, wanting to aid in their healing. She went to school for nursing and then on to becoming a Reiki master-teacher. She spent part of her adolescence and adult life learning all she could on subjects of spirit and communication with loved ones who had passed.


She has studied under certified Medium Lisa Williams, becoming a certified psychic medium under her. Through her studies she found her path, to help others to heal.  DeEtte uses her gifts to help others heal mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.  She uses her gifts as a medical intuitive to connect with you and bring spirit forth – healing comes in messages from your loved ones, guides, and the loving energy of the universe, always trusting what she gets and giving it with love…


“She makes herself available to her students and takes the time to ensure that everyone understands what is expected and necessary. She believes in you when you doubt yourself and is there to encourage you as well as push you past the limits you set upon yourself.”

“Recently I was powerfully drawn to DeEtte Ranae and I have to say this reading both on personal and physical level blew me away. Not only is she a gifted psychic but is also a medical intuitive and read me from across the room.”

“De’Ette is masterful at her craft delivering information & assistance is a direct and compassionate way. Her sense of humor is always a joy! I highly recommend working with De’Ette for growth, development and understanding.”

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