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How Do I know If a Psychic Reading is Right For Me?

Sure, you may have doubts, but remember to keep an open mind during your reading.  This allows spirit to flow more freely during your reading to better your intuitive experience

Do you have questions about your love life?

Are you sure your relationship is heading in the right direction?  Use DeEtte’s guidance to help your relationship flourish 

Wondering about your career path?

Jobs come and go, but are they the right fit for us.  With DeEtte’s intuitive guidance, she can help you hop on the right path to success!

Would you like to talk to a past loved one?

DeEtte has impeccable mediumship skills and will connect with your loved one on the other side and relay any messages they may have for you. 

Would you just prefer a general reading?

If you have no specific question, just ask DeEtte for a general reading and she will work with spirit to relay the messages to you.  

Helping You Find Success With Personalized Readings
Feel Like It’s Time to Make a Change in Your Life, But Can’t Seem to Find a Way?

DeEtte never knows where spirit will take the reading. Each persons reading is designed personally for them by spirit, based on what they need to know for healing and growth. At the end of the reading she asks if there are any questions that you may have for spirit. 

She asks that you refrain from giving more then yes/no answers or asking questions until the end of the reading.


My Approach

It is important to approach the experience with an open mind and realistic expectations.

In a reading I provide insight and guidance. The readings are based on what I receive from the client’s energy, guides, and loved ones.  A psychic reading provides clarity but ultimately leaves it up to you to make your decisions and take control of your life.

Within a mediumship reading, I seek for the client and spirit to have a sense of love and peace after the reading. You may find yourself on an emotional roller coaster of laughter and tears. Leaving knowing your loved one is doing well and still part of your life. 

Moreover, understand that any information shared during a reading is confidential; therefore, discussing their contents with others may violate the ethical guidelines for practitioners. 

How It Works

Schedule Reading

Simply use the scheduler provided on this page to schedule your psychic or mediumship reading with DeEtte!  Want a group reading?  Contact DeEtte for more information


Choose Length of Reading

DeEtte offers both 30 minute and one hour readings to her clients.  Just use the scheduler below to choose your reading link and DeEtte will take care of the rest!

Reach Your Goals

Thing of some questions you would like intuitive guidance on and DeEtte will help you climb that mountain and reach your desired goals

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